Our project (partly funded by Dublin City Council) collects and digitally stores selected stories of the 1916 Rising on this website. 

Rather than the official textbook history, our idea is to find less heard stories and observations that have been handed down from those who experienced the 1916 Rising first hand, to the next generation. Domestic details are very interesting to us, as is the way the stories are told; sidelong glances, impressions, and personal details are what we are looking for rather than the broad sweep of history. After all, we are artists, not historians, and other sites have fulfilled that function much better than this. 

The first generation of the new Republic is significant. It’s one that has seen extraordinary changes, starting with the newly won independence. Some of their voices are not often heard; we’d like to hear and celebrate these stories on the centenary of the Rising. In this way, the project aims to celebrate narrative as a powerful way of creating identity and family cohesion as well as providing a digital repository for this aspect of our folk history.  

We’ll select eight of these to inspire stories written and created by Stray Lines artists, to include in a comic book; the rest will be archived on our website for anyone to read, and add to. 

 The comic will be available to buy on this site, at fairs and in local shops, and also be available to read for free online.