Annie Cooney about Con Colbert

Nearly every night Con Colbert used to call at our house up to the Monday of Holy Week. On that day he came with all his traps to stay with us. He wanted to be handy for his Company and Battalion because his digs in Ranelagh were rather far away. I remember particularly one might a couple of weeks before that he came after one of his meetings. He had asked me to make some signalling flags. He took. two photographs out of his pocket and asked me: “Would you care to have one of these”. One of the photos was of himself alone and the other of himself and Liam Clarke. I said I would be delighted and he actually gave me both and I have brought in one of them to show you. I was charmed because, to tell the truth, I thought an awful lot of him and, of course, he must have known it. He was not, however, at all interested in girls; he was entirely engrossed in his work for Ireland and devoted all his time to it. He had taken me to a few ceilis and concerts and always brought me home.. There would be others in the party. He said, rather significantly: Would you mind very much if anything happened to me in this fight that is coming on? I said I would indeed, why do you ask?” He answered: “I might just the the one to be killed.”