The typist with the Webley


[..]By the beginning of April, Connolly was heavily involved in and had been having discussions with the Irish Republican Brotherhood about the planned rising, so he summoned [Winnie] Carney to Dublin by telegram. She arrived all set and ready for whatever Connolly wanted her to do. In Liberty Hall, she found herself typing dispatches and mobilisation orders. On that fateful Easter Monday morning, Carney was the first woman to arrive before dawn, with her typewriter and her Webley. In their circle of friends, she became known as the typist with the Webley. In the General Post Office, she continued in her role as Connolly’s secretary, writing dispatches and mobilisations orders. When Connolly was wounded, she remained by his side until he was arrested, through all the gunfire and the bombs that set the General Post Office on fire, and his transfer to Gorman’s shop on Moore Street. Gravely wounded, Connolly dictated to Carney his final orders.