Nan Nolan: A great night to remember

[..] We had not long to wait till word came that a Treaty had been signed, and that, although Ireland had not got all she expected, the rest was on its way and we were to be satisfied with the terms. Being fifty miles from the capital, it was easy for us to believe the good news as it appeared to be then. Soon the prisoners would be released – that was what we wanted. A short time later, we were all marching to Tullow to welcome the prisoners, the 3rd Battalion bands playing and bonfires blazing, where, a year before that, houses had blazed as reprisals for the shooting of the R.I.C. All the released prisoners were brought from the railway station. It was a great night to remember. For the next few weeks, we were all in a joyful mood.

One night in January, 1922, my brother, John, came in and said, “This is not freedom! We have been tricked! My father (R.I.P.) thought he was just mad, and told him so.[..]